Eating Fruit Right: Day 6

Well Tuesday was interesting since I could not plan as well around my fruit need. I had a sliced apple in the morning and a banana around 10. At 11, I had to head off to an offsite lunch meeting. Turns out they put food in front of me around 11:45. I took my time and drank a full glass of water which made it almost noon so I went a head and started eating. I still feel great.

I no longer yawn all morning long or get a craving for something high sugar or something. Just that fact alone feels wonderful. I still got hungry early so I planned ahead and brought carrots as a 4pm snack. That seemed to hold me until 6:30 dinner quite well. Tomorrow is the last day of what Fit for life not fat for life Says you need to do this for a week. Well I think I might have to make it into a month. So far I like it a lot. However, I would like to see longer term ramifications of this. I don’t know if I will stay this hungry needed a 4pm snack. Or if in the winter, I will get tired of apples and bananas (find it hard to believe I would get tired of those though). Though I do feel awesome, I don’t want to make a long term decisions on something that I don’t think I have worked out the kinks yet.

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