Eating fruit right: Days 4-5

Sunday morning, I had an apple, and for snack around 11, I had a banana (I typically have a snack everyday around 10 to 10:30). I still felt great. I did not feel hungry or that I was dying to get to noon to eat something else. Around 12, I had lunch. I found that my choice of lunch zapped my energy much more than the fruit did. I can see why the author only eats fruit for a day once a week or so. So far, I see no reason why I would go back to my “normal” breakfasts.

There was something else I had not considered when I started this. Grocery shopping and giving up middle of the day fruit.

Grocery shopping is much easier when I know what I am having for breakfast and snack everyday. I went to the store and got plums, apples, strawberries, grapes, and bananas. Between those and the rest of the watermelon, I figure I am set for the rest of week for breakfast and snacks if I chose to continue this after Wednesday night.

Giving up fruit after noon is harder then I thought. I did not realize how much fruit I ate with lunch and dinner. I still find myself wanting fruit as dessert after meals. However, I have found a couple ways to curve that. I bought they mint soy ice cream sandwiches. They really hit the spot. It is not the best alternative, but it is dairy free and it stops me from wanting to eat fruit.

Monday was back to work as usual. I had grapes at work around 8 and banana at 10 and another at 11. I found again that I was hungry for lunch around 12:30 so I went to lunch. The real interesting this is that around 4 I got really hungry. I am not sure if this has to do with eating fruit or this is more to do with having a hungry day. Sometimes I have a snack at 4, but not often and I usually don’t pack a snack. I ended up so hungry by 5 that I left and went home to eat something. Once I got food in my stomach, I felt much better. I was also chronically exhausted Monday from being up all night Sunday and most of the might Saturday (and I was heading to chronic because I had been up almost all night Wednesday and did not even get to lay down once Thursday night. I did get about 5 hours of sleep Friday night but I had to be up early for Pilates).

I think the trick is, if I eat lunch earlier, I need a good snack at 4. Since I have a lunch meeting tomorrow, I will have to see how this works when I don’t get to eat when I want.

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