Eating Fruit Right: Days 1-3

Well so far I have been able to stick to this very easily. I have had watermelon these last 3 days. The schedule I have been following has been eating some watermelon before I go to work then having a snack of fruit around 10. I have found that I get hungry around 12:30 instead of 1 which is when I normally take lunch.
Usually, I am yawning at work for the first couple hours of the morning. While this was still true the first day of the experiment, I have not been yawning even once on Friday or Saturday. I actually feel better. Thursday, I really did not feel any different. Friday, I noticed the yawning has stopped and I felt more awake. Saturday, I did not get hungry until around 10, so I did not eat until 10. I did not feel starved or anything, I just was not hungry. I also found that Saturday, I was very tired though I can’t really know if that is because of this experiment or because Friday night was the first sleep I got in close to 48 hours. By Saturday, eating fruit in the morning felt simple and refreshing. I found I really did not want anything else.
I expect this to only feel better, but only time will tell. However, as much as I love watermelon I want to try another fruit and see how I feel eating that. Well, I will see about that tomorrow!

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