AMD vs Intel – 2

AMD vs intel 2

The first thing I have to chose while building a desktop PC is what processor.  Since the processor is the brain of the computer, its speed and abilities are very important.  I took a long hard look at all the processors on the market including those that would be to market soon such as the Intel Conroe.  (Conroe refers to the chipset used in making the chip this is different from the series.  The popular series names are the Intel Pentium.  The series name Conroe belongs in is Core 2).

Intel and AMD are the two most popular manufactures for desktop processors. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses.  I found the easiest way was to figure out what I wanted in a processor then I could find the best processor that fit my criteria.  Here is the list:

  • Dual Core
  • 2+ GZ
  • L2 Cashe 2MB or higher and shared.  (I wanted shared memory for faster access for both cores.)
  • 64 bit support (for windows Vista)

Once I had this list, it was pretty easy to knock out 99% of the processors on the market.  I went onto and and used their advanced search to look at all the features.  What I found was the was a handful of processors that fit this.  The best being the AMD 64 FX which at the time of this writing is 1200+.

Intel’s Conroe has specs that surpass AMD’s top processors for only around 700 bucks (those are the rumors at this time).  Intel’s best Conroe which will be called the Core 2 extreme is rumored to price at around 1200-1300.

Intel’s chip beats AMDs almost across the board.  The extreme version does beat every other desktop chip on the market.  So I picked the Conroe processor extreme edition.  Will it be worth it?  I think so.

This is nice because it tells me the socket type (775) so know I can pick out a motherboard and pick out all my other components.

So far so good.  I got a couple more books from the library on building computers.  Even though I am a computer guru, I am finding them helpful.  There are some abbreviations I done see often as well as some things to look out for.

The two books I found that were the most helpful are Building a PC for dummies and PC modding for Dummies (I hate the dummy name because anyone who wants to learn something needs to start somewhere.  No one is a dummy for wanting to learn /rant).  Neither of these books were extremely helpful, however they did explain some terminology I don’t use often.

So now on to the picking out other components.  Once the processor is picked out, everything else is much easier.

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