First Post

Welcome to my first post. I thought the best way to start this post out is to explain what this is all about.

To start: this is not a diary, a day to day posting of my life, or anything of the sort. I am always trying out new things. Sometimes they are simple easy stuff like new keyboard layouts or something more involved like building a computer from scratch or something expensive like scuba diving.

Point is, I like to experiment with everything (well not everything, I don’t do drugs, drink a lot etc, I prefer to be high on life). Everyone is always asking me the different things I have tried and if it is worth it. I thought this would be a good way to show anyone interested in hearing how my adventures turn out.

I plan some of them in advance, and others I try on the fly. The ones I am working towards in 2006 are:

Building a computer
Start running/interval training
Try Polyphasic Sleep
Try the Dvorak Keyboard layout

Since I only have a few months left until the end of the year, I think that is enough. However I do tons of experiments throughout the year that I hear of and have to try. Every year at the beginning of the year I will also mention the stuff I am working on to give everyone an idea of what is to come. :)

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