Breaking my January 2010 Juice Feast

February 14th, 2010

After my 15th Day of juice feasting, I broke my juice feast by actually eating an orange.

Breaking the Juice Feast

I ate an orange which felt odd in my stomach but i did not have any issues. I immediately felt better. However, the feeling was short lived.

About an hour later, I ate another orange then about 10 minutes after that – another orange. I started to feel a little more human again. In a way, it felt odd to chew, but after the first orange, my body was craving to really chew something.

My stomach did fine with oranges. I just wanted to eat more (probably because I had been significantly calorie deficient for 15 days). I then tried a green smoothie with banana, strawberries, spinach and water. I found this very filling, but I was still needed something with higher calories.

About 24 hours later and many more oranges and smoothies later, I finally had something high in calories. I had fries. They were vegan, but not raw (there goes one goal for the year which I am going to talk about next blog post). And I immediately felt better. I felt more grounded then I had in 2 weeks. My stomach seemed fine with it.

The odd thing about the fries was they tasted amazingly good. Fries the last few times I had them (in spurts when I was doing my 90 percent raw towards the end of the year) they did not taste right at all. I was pretty close to just never feeling the need to eat them again. After juice feasting, the fries tasted so incredibly good. How weird is that? I can only chop it up the idea that I needed the calories. I have had fries a couple of times since then and they are backing to tasting blah.

The fries settled well until bed time. When I laid down, I could feel them like a hard pit in my stomach. It was uncomfortable, but not painful, for about 10 minutes then I was fine. In the morning though, did I ever need that enema!

Over the next couple days, I ate some higher calorie raw food like avocados and bananas, and my hands stopped bleeding from dryness. I found I was still a bit spacey, but veggie soup (cooked vegan) grounded me amazingly well.

Since breaking the Juice Feast

I have been eating about 80 percent raw. I plan to up this in the next month to 95 percent. At home, I am eating 90 percent raw, the issue has been traveling. I have been on the road a lot where my choices are limited for days and days without access to my typical arsenal of kitchen tools.

Because I have not been eating 100 percent raw, I have not been feeling as good. Blah, I wonder what it is going to take for me to just fully make the transition and give it a solid go for months and see what happens?

What is next for Juice Feasting

I want to try this again. I want to have 1 or 2 juices per day and find more juices I will drink that have more calories.

I think I will try this again in a month or two, I figure that is 30-60 days with lots of opportunity to try new juices. I will blog about it again, and I will aim again for 90 days.

Adrienne :)

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